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Lies You Tell




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In the second installment of the Lies trilogy by Jacki Renée

Once a liar…

Danielle Hawk should have known better. As a trained psychologist, she constantly asked herself how she married a man she really knew nothing about—a man she’s still not sure she knows much about. There are too many unanswered questions, too many unexplained absences from home. In order to protect her heart, Danielle decides to pull away from Bryan emotionally—even though she can’t make herself give up the physical side of their marriage. But an up-close view into the world of a government operative, makes her question her true role in Bryan’s life. Worse, she fits the description of an enemy operative.

 Always a liar.

Bryan Hawk makes his living lying. And he’s damn good at it. But the lies he’s told are ruining his relationship with his wife, Danielle—and things will go from bad to worse if she finds out there are still secrets he must keep. But as second in command of PHANTOM, a secret military agency, there are some things Dani can never know in order to keep her and the children safe—not least of which is that he and PHANTOM know Dani’s first husband is still alive and being held for interrogation by Bryan’s team. With homeland safety on the line, Bryan and Dani must have faith in each other again in order to save themselves and their children.

But is it too late to rebuild that trust?